Monday, January 5, 2015

Cheap and Cheerful!

I'm a girl, I like to look good. No matter what I'm doing I'm trying to look my best doing it. (Except when I'm hungover, but seriously give me a break on that one!)

So I've had a crazy couple of months and my fitness has pretty much gone out the window. But now were back to business people. Thailand&Hong Kong is happening in 6 weeks with 2 of my besties. Which means work out like Tom Hardy's calling me up for a date and save save save which also brings me onto the point of this blog - cheap and cheerful gym clothes!

I've learned the hard way that there really is no way around it- If your wearing shorts to the gym they HAVE GOT TO BE shorts that were intended for the gym. That's why I love these leather bad boys, they look good AND they keep my big ol booty covered with the under layer €15.95 

Next up are these seriously comfy high waisted leggings also from F21- great for covering up that lovely Xmas belly (Spot the Fox slippers €4- Pennies!!)
 These next ones are literally flying out of pennies, they don't have many sizes left in the shopping centre but Headford Road Pennies in Galway seems to have plenty left in stock, I made the trek out to get them (complaining about walking to buy gym gear....oh god!)
I wouldn't advise trying to hide with these optical illusion Pants! Also from pennies. I picked up this top&sports bra in F21 last week but I lost the tags for the bra- however I can assure you it was under the 10 bean mark!

 The picture does these black pants no justice, they have mesh cut out panels at the side, I think these were the most expensive ones I got - €15.95. I did get them a few months ago but did see them still in the shop. I love the top,€6.50 and they have it in a range of different colours.
So pretty much to sum things up I don't stray further than Pennies and Forever 21 for my gym gear. 

I hope that in someway helped in how to be a cheap skate! 
Let me know
A 21st Century Fox
Laura Fox

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