Friday, January 9, 2015

Ballgowns at Breakfast

Hi chums!

As some of you might know I was in Poland for 3 weeks representing Ireland in the Miss Supranational competition. I got a call in the mist of my birthday-week from Jenny, one of my mentors from competing in Miss Ireland, asking me if I wanted to go. Eeehhhh ya!! which she replied "Thank god I've already sent your shots through and you've been approved!"
So waking up on the Monday morning I was very confused, I wasn't sure if I had dreamt it or not, low and behold I hadn't, I was all booked in and set to fly the following Sunday.

So with less than a weeks notice and the best friends, family and boss in the world off I flew to Poland!

My first night I arrived I was all on my lonesome. I was told to be at breakfast for 8 and that we had a shoot at 9 so no need for hair and make up.
Anyone who is thinking of competing in a pageant, take it from me- "casual" and "no hair and make up" do not mean "casual" and "no hair and make up" in pageant world. I rocked down to breakfast the first morning in my gym gear......I only changed out of my Fox slippers leaving the room just in case they wouldn't let me in the restaurant.

I laugh now but at the time Oh my sweet baby J did I want the ground to swallow me up.
It was like walking into Halo on a Saturday night, with the exception of a few girls who took it to a whole new level by wearing ballgowns! I started to introduce myself, which took the girls by surprise-they didn't think I was in the competition at all- THEN I proceded to start telling lies about how I had just been for a run up the mountain and just decided to grab brekkie really quick, and that then backfired because I had a posse who wanted to go running with me every morning- something I ended up doing for the rest of the week!

Miss Wales and Miss Scotland arrived over the next 2 days, I don't think I could have asked for better roomies, we were all on the same wave length- getting a good chuckle out of "Ballgowns at Breakfast"

The first day was a bit of a blur, and I almost felt like an intruder because the girls had been preparing for this for a few months...and here I was after less than a weeks notice. Lucky in some ways but very unlucky in others. So 13 hours later I finally finished my official shot for Miss Supranational Ireland.

Big thanks to Phoebe and Ismay McVey at Gorgeouslocks Extensions for as always sorting me out with a days notice!  Million Dollar Secret for my nails&lashes that lasted me a month!! and AS ALWAYS my Ruthie at Heaven Scent <3 for my galweigian brows, tan, facials and general life therapy!! 

The first week was very polite...but in part 2 I'll get into the nitty gritty!

toodlepips for now,

A 21st century Fox 

Laura Fox

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