Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Raceweek Ready

Oh heeeey guys!

Right so I've pretty much fallen off the face of the Social Media Earth..I'll get to that but for now we are less than a week away from the greatest week of the year... GALWAY RACEWEEK!!!!!

Raceweek is by no means for the faint hearted, so in order to maximize your enjoyment I suggest starting your prep Asap!

get exfoliating.
I use a homemade scrub of brown sugar and baby oil with exfoliating gloves, I have super sensitive skin and this works wonders!

TAN! My favourite at the Minute has to be NKD skin by Vita Liberata
It's absolutely fool proof and is currently on offer in Cara Pharmacy Galway for 13.75
It comes in both a liquid and Moose and both are brill but the moose is a little easier to deal with.
BROWS!!!! I cannot stress enough how much brows make a difference to your life!
Get your ass into Million Dollar Secret asap!
All the girls in there are great and there really is no need to be scared.

You wont come out looking like this

More like this! We all get our brows done in MDS(All the visible brows anyways!!)....and the girls are Ginger as flip- which can be tricky...and they look awesome!

NAILS! If you're not going for gels then Sally Hanson do a great Gel Polish that you wont have to worry about chipping. And while we're talking about my glory god Sally don't forget Sally Hansen Gel Tan <3

Make Up!
Needs to last all day and night in the most unpredictable weather!
Getting it done is such a treat that everyone deserves!
Ally McGinn will be working from Yourells Hair Salon for that week and I'd trust her with my life!
Orla Hurney is also another ridiculously talented MUA who is a pro team member at  Inglot Galway (upstairs at cara galway) They'll book up fast so get onto them ASAP!

Denise and Leah in Pia Galway literally have you sorted outfitwise! and with their summer sale in full swing you're bound to find something to suit you!

Headpieces! Mary White IS THE DREAM!

nurofen gel.rub it into the balls of your feet before putting on heels or Deep Freeze if they're really killing you for some sweet relief!
Lash glue, powder, bronzer lippy and a small hairbrush! Shallow as it sounds they'll keep you topped up AND probably make you few extra friends!

The most essential part to enjoying your day at the races is a decent brekkie and a pre race drink ;) 
I'm all about An Pucan aka The Pooks!
Right beside the buses to the course, yummy food, prosecco on tap, their own beer #swagger , sound staff and the most unbelievable Garden Area of all time #dreamliving

Enjoy yourself and I'll see you at the track!

A 21st Century Fox

Laura Fox

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