Sunday, September 20, 2015

#itwbn hits up 56 Central

Last Friday night....yeah we danced on tabletops and we took too many shots think we kissed but I forgot....

lol! close enough but we did go to 56 Central for a jam packed evening of delicious food from their evening menu. I'm all about supporting local and the dream about living in Galway is Galweigians love to help each other out. So to walk into 56 Central knowing that 90% of their produce is from Galway and the West of Ireland just makes your meal that bit more enjoyable.

Collerans mince beef burger on Jeremy Les Petit Doucher mini brioche buns with ballymaloe relish

56 Central homemade gluten free bread 56 central baked ham from Castlemine butcher Lizzi's piccalilli

Sausage sliders made from Castlemaine Meat with Loughrea honey and The Lodge Barna's Prosecco and Tarragon Mustard

56 Central Cuinneog buttermilk Chicken

Spicy Potato Bravas

Galway Goat Farm Goatscheese with beetroot piccalilli and garnishes

Mini fish cakes tartare and caper made with Alis Fish Market Fish 

Naturally Gluten Free Nacho canap├ęs from Blanco Nino (Little Ass Buritto) 

Sweet selection from Sugar & Spice -
Mini mint areo, mini oreo, carmel, mini brownie & mallows 

Tough job having to try EVERYTHING but I powered thru. 
Mini Nachos

I never order chicken when I'm eating out because I always figure I can make it myself at home but holy shmoly The 56 Central Cuinneog buttermilk Chicken was the absolute bomb diggity! Melt in your mouth spicey yummyness.
I may have eaten my chicken without taking a this was robbed from howtobefed

On arrival we were all treated to glasses of elderflower prosecco, but it didn't stop there, on each of our personalized place settings was individual bottles for everyone. Go on Gill, that was a winner for me anyhow!!
 Some positive vibes thrown in for good measure 

Attention to detail at 56 is second to none, The Theme of the heart flow thru the restaurant, connecting everyone and everything together to the pillows with pictures of blackrock and the long walk

even our desert platters (which didn't last too long on my table!) had 56 written in......chocolate!
The atmosphere at 56 was so warm and the #itwbn crew are all so welcoming. Ruth my long time bestie of The Beauty Kemple just got back from Thailand so we had a great catch up
and we may have got caught out taking a few selfies 
with full bellies and a little bit merry we skipped on over to Garavans to try our hand at some whiskey tasting. the most educated drinking I've ever done and Niamh, with the patience of a saint, talked us thru all 12 whiskeys and had a little pop quiz for us at the end. I'll be giving more than just a hot toddy a try in future.
Really trying to figure it out here with Yummy Mummy and The Beauty Kemple
Ruth and Kiki <3

as you might see I enjoy a bit of snapchat add me on foxylaura1

Such a great night, really looking forward to the next meet up and my next outing in 56 Central and Garavans. 
until later skater...

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