Thursday, December 3, 2015

Lift like a Girl- Week 1

I've been training at Maximum Results  now for the last year, under the Iron Fist of Shane "Pain" Coughlan. Bless his Under Armour he's had a tough job.

A month in Thailand, a week to Marbella (where we were on bff terms with the local kebab shop owners- Mustaf&Omar), Longitude, Raceweek, Electric picnic and just life in general- trying to get me into anyways decent shape was a challenge because unfortunately I put on weight thinking about over indulging.  However when I came crying to him with 3 weeks to my final shoot as Miss Sunday World- he did just that.

I have no real lack of motivation to get to the gym, I enjoy it. Not in one of those "Oooh look at me I love the gym, woo yeah Gains" kind of way. But in the "I'm stressed off my toosh right now, let's just eat pic n mix and cry or go be in so much pain I'll forget whats going on" kind of way. I work 3 Jobs, 3 very different Jobs and my days can change in an instant. Which I love. But it takes its toll, so to get in an hour training and having the lols and forget whats turning me into an "anti-christ"(not my words btw) is a no brainer!
Now my problem is I LOVE TREATS! All the time. Throw in a hangover and I don't have food prepped, I'll literally eat treats until I'm the size of poppin fresh. I'm talking Take away, pic n mix, crisps, chocolate, you name it. Now there is nothing wrong with treats, everyone deserves them otherwise whats the point but where im trying to go with this is that when I fall off the bandwagon that's me gone and then I'm back to sq1 all over again trying to lose weight as opposed to maintaining it-which is just no fun.
BUT when I have a goal, it's a mix of determination and (APPARENTLY) stubbornness that gets me on the straight and narrow....a little bit. Which is how I ended up in "The Other Room". The room all the banging of bars&weights and deathly howls comes from. The room where Max "Pain" Lauth lives... The Powerlifters room!!

So instead of taking it handy we've just thrown me straight into it and I'm competing in the IDFPA National Single Lifts 2016 at the end of January. I'm 1 week in and I'm lovin' it!
(don't worry I don't know what most of this means)

So day 1 we Max tested me in Squat (65kg), Bench (40kg) and Deadlift (110kg)
and then this determined what my programme would be for week. Max also told me about all the knots I have and proceeded to start to get rid of them, which was the worst experience of my life....for 10 I feel fricking epic mofo! At the end of week 1 I was up 5kg on my Max Deadlift and I felt like the greatest Meathead of all time!!!! I joke, I genuinely was so chuffed with my life walking (slowly) out of Maximum Results. 

So for the next 2 months I'm going to document my life and keep ye all entertained. I'm going to be as shallow as doing blog posts on how I manage my extensions to my fake tan and gel nails at the gym and then going straight to work for IrishTV (or whatever!) to videos of my training, diet and just the general Tom Foolery that goes on, just for anyone a little bit scared of the idea of lifting heavy things and shouting.
For an added bit of pressure I'll have weekly progress pics taken by Sean McCormack so I can't strategically angle myself to look good. 

This will not be full of inspirational quotes and a view through Rose Tinted Glasses...So I mean if not for me anyways it'll be a laugh for yourself!
Peace Out!

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