Thursday, December 10, 2015

Lift like a girl- week 2

I'm still alive.
I haven't turned into the Hulk.
I am a Princess.
lol jk....sort of!

I feel great!

I don't weigh myself, obviously Max weighs me each week to keep an eye on my progress in terms of my bodyfat. But I used to obsess over what I weighed and it would drive me crazy that I was the same weight as celebs in magazines but looked nothing like them so instead I rely on progress  pics and how I fit in my clothes. No drastic change but I don't feel like I'm bursting out of my clothes! 
well apart from my butt......however that's a different story!

One thing I'm flat out at are BLOCK PULLS!

wtf are block pulls I hear you say...Well in a nutshell they are the greatest mindflip of all time!!!! 

This is the cycle I've been working off for the last 2 weeks. Designed to basically trick your body into lifting heavier.

It's a deadlift on stilts!

So the aim of the game is to start week 1 on a block and 25kg plate, week 2 a block and a 15kg plate, week 3 a block and then week 4 is straight off the ground.
All the while increasing how heavy you're lifting and at the end a new PB! Taa-Daah!

Another lift I've been learning is the Power Clean.
An Olympic lift that helps me engage my core, check out my facebook page for a video of me practicing the Power Clean technique.

So far what I've learned is technique is so important, if I make a mistake at 20kg- not the end of the world. 120kg = possible death. 
What I'm enjoying the most- the absolute banter, lack of burpees and that sense of satisfaction I felt last Friday knowing I'd beat myself from the previous one.
What I'm enjoying the least- Boy farts, broken nails and maths. I genuinely nearly had a nosebleed trying to work out what weights to put on the bar.

Luckily the good outweighs the bad! (and I think I've found a solution to the nail problem....2 out of 3 aint bad!)

Today is the end of week 2- I have my toughest day on a Friday- Block Pulls, Bench and Power Cleans. I'm off to get a spray tan as I have my Irish Tv and PIA xmas parties this weekend.

On a final note, I was on Molly in the Morning on Galway Bay FM last week and Molly the scut reckons no way on earth can girls lift anything! 
So as a little tester next week after the breakfast show we're going to have a "Lift off" and see what happens! and it's being recorded for the sheer buzz of it all!

Anywho i'll leave ye with that and I'll be back to let ye know how my spray tan survived!

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