Saturday, January 3, 2015


Hi guys!

I've been meaning to set this up for a while now but always found a reason not to....... lazyness! 
But......New Year New Me...... and All That Jazz! 

I'm going to cover my fitness journey into 2015 (it's going to be a rough start!!),Travel, skincare, hair, make up- and the best places with the best value to go- in my opinion! Shoots for The Sunday World and general ding dong of my life!

I'll be 100% honest in all aspects!

I'm also going to try fit in a little bit about Poland while I was there competing for Miss Supranational and the crazy Pageant world that went along with it.

I'd be more than delighted if anybody has any suggested posts they'd like and any feedback is more than welcome!

Looking forward to all the fun and frolics that 2015 has in store and sharing it with you all!

Happy new year,

A 21st Century Fox

Laura Fox


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