Friday, February 19, 2016

Lift like a girl- Lord give me Abs!

And by Lord I mean Max.

I'm still quite happy with how single lift went, even tho not entirely as planned 
(you can read that here)
I'm really loving being a Powerlifting Princess.
So next up is The National  Powerlifting Championships in May.
Now at Single Lifts you could chose to enter in Bench, Squat or Deadlift.
Or 2 of the 3 or 3 of 3.
Full power however is all 3 and then your score is accumulated.
Not only am I training to get V strong for that as my squat sucks at the minute, I'm also trying to cut down on my squishy bits and get a nice ol bod.
First up- My diet.
While I didn't have the worlds worst diet- I know my good food from my bad. I can cook and quite well actually (I just can't clean), Firstly- I constantly over eat- even on the good stuff. I had no portion control what so ever. Secondly- I mindlessly eat, as in I never realized when I'm at an event lets say and how many goujons and cocktail sausages would pass my lips pretty much without my knowledge. Lastly- I absolutely Love Ice Cream.

Now while I'm not going to tell you exactly what my day to day food plan is (because I genuinely think that everyone is different and this has been tailor made for me and my lifestyle)
I will say it ain't bad. 
*Disclaimer* I would like to apologize to my poor Boyf who could possibly disagree with this statement as I may or may not have lost my shit with him my first weekend as my sugar cravings were in overdrive* but then again if it wasn't that it would have probably been something else.

And then I figured out that there's room for my Ice cream once a week *yay*.

Next up was a consultation with the my fellow lifter but full time fairy Órla O'Flaherty Naturopath & Herbalist. Bit of a TMI moment here but I just got the contraceptive implant removed from my arm so lucky for me Orla was on hand with her magic herbs to regulate my hormones!
That and my life. She has such a calming nature and knows her stuff and I'm a little bit stressed out at the minute working different jobs - THAT I LOVE- I'm not complaining about my work but it's a serious change and a lot of pressure so coming out of her office I felt A-OK and it's great to know she's there to pop into anytime.

(not what Orla gave me but an example of what she's all about! Read her personal transformation story here)

And then there's my training. As I'm travelling between Dublin and Galway I couldn't commit to 5 days in Maximum Results - cue tears!
Luckily for me Max devised a Hell like programme where I can get my 5 days done in 3, or if anything spills over I can head to Flyefit to do a little bit while I'm in The Big Smoke.

What I'm lovin' the most right now is how much I'm surprising myself- like being able to do a power push up no problemo and I'm on my way to doing a pull up.
Goals within Goals.

Instead of giving out about not being toned and defined, I'm going to give out about getting toned and defined and super dooper strong. But I'm under no illusion this is going to be easy, luckily I have a kind and supportive network surrounding me that only sends encouraging messages (sort of)

Because basically I like to whinge.

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