Thursday, March 24, 2016

Why be moody when you can shake yo booty!

So last week was the final week of my strength cycle before my big strip with Le Cardio!

I was excited- I had a great week- I had a heap of fun swanning around the town in Colm Quinn BMW's for the Galway Now Fashion trail with all my ITWBN pals,
myself and The Beauty Kemple getting a sunroof selfie

One of my very best friends rocked home from Canada....for a flying visit
Classic Tub
Little Miss Scotland came for a visit....and I went Blonde
And then to top it all off on March 18th I pulled 130kg FOUR TIMES of 1 block pull.

So last Monday I was V excited- I get to start training with the absolute Bae that is Ieva!

Now Ieva and Max had a bit of a bet going- and if Ieva won it meant Max had to do our first cardio session with us- now not to sound cocky or anything but having come from being a cardio bunny into powerlifting only a meer 5 months ago I really felt like I had the upper hand. 

So I proceeded to taunt Max all weekend alongside Ieva- I was genuinely excited

Literally half way thru the very first round of hell I waned to eat my words and vom!
It was boxing, ropes. tyre flips, kettle bell swings and snap kicks considering the only cardio I've been at for the last 5 months is running out of money this was easily the worst day of my life.
snapchat @foxylaura1

Until Tuesday.
 Off I popped up to The Big Smoke, not really paying attention to what Max had in store in my programme- y'know when you kind of go "Oh I've to do 30.000kg in squats" but it doesn't actually register that you have to lift THIRTY THOUSAND KG.

I broke it down whatever way I want so I chose 35kg 860 times.
Still didn't click. 
I managed to convince my Bf to get involved....

When I realized I had just done 430 squats and was only halfway I actually thought I would die,
But being stubborn really paid off because I couldn't stand the fact B would beat me at my own programme!

I am in Pain.

Moving onto Wednesday it was a blast of HIIT- more squats

and then today was 1000 rep challenge 
Squats, pull ups, thrusters and knee to stands
all with weights.

But tomorrow is PT with Max again and I'm terrified

Pray for Fox.

Although I'm in the worst pain of my life, it dawned on me that we only have 5 weeks to our shoot so it'll be worth it!

I think my booty is already making the necessary gains.
photo compliments of the certified creep @galwayplayer on snapchat.

5 weeks out from the shoot and 6 weeks out from full power this is gonna be tough as flip.

I'd be bare faced lying if I said I was looking forward to it- I'm not.
I am however all about the l's and b's ahead AND the end result!


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