Friday, March 25, 2016

Galway Fashion Trail

Being a born and bred Galweigian I know we love a good festival- I grew up on them- we've got The Food Festival, Arts festival, we've had the Volvo Ocean Race, we've even got a quilt festival for christ sake, and that's just the tip of the ice berg. We're also  home to my absolute favorite time of year-
The Galway Races. 

While all completely different, they all share the same theme-

Galway Fashion week is a must for any Galway festival goer and fashionista in general- as the gals and guys from ITWBN well know.

The Irish Fashion Innovation awards were my first look at the week- 3rd year in a row and as per usual they didn't disappoint 

To end the week long event was the Bloggers Breakfast and Galway Fashion Trail.

Having met the guys from Colm Quinn BMW previously, I knew the morning would be great fun.

Breakfast at a car dealership and then they'd drop us back into town to start The Fashion Trail...
 I won't lie I was skeptical as to how it was all going to work- 


Bloggers. Breakfast. Bubbles. BMW

does it get any better?
yes it does!

My partner in crime The Beauty Kemple was on hand to act like a toddler with me from the get go!

not exactly what I had in mind when I asked could I have a Mini

After wreaking havoc for a good hour we then proceeded to jump into the biggest fanciest car I've ever been in (or seen) 
and wreak the lovely Eanna's head for the trip to town.

Tunes blaring, myself, Yummy Mummy,Saibh Egan and The Beauty Kemple treating the 7 series like a taxi to 10 am!!!!!


At this point the day was only getting started 

The day was split into shops and paired with Milliners.

 Don’t call me Dear – Galway Milliners
 Willow – Natasha Heaslip
Choice – Caithriona King
 Kilkenny – Andrea Tighe
PIA – Vivianne Martin
 Treasure Chest – Suzie Mahony
 Gosh Shoes – Galway Hat Shop
Colette Latchford – Brid O’Driscoll

Some reeeeaaaaallllyyyyyyy pretty pieces throughout the day but here are my Top 3 Favs

Don't call me Dear- The Style Studio would never be a  place I would normally think to shop for occasion wear. But this was so beautiful I'll definitely be back for a gawk.

This isn't a look I'd usually go for but this Pink tulle skirt just kind of stole my heart.
First time in Willow too and it's such a cutsie little shop with inspirational quotes all over the walls and fab casual and formal wear.

And this!! 
I've never been disappointed by Pia and they certainly put on a show for us but this Pretty Pia Pink dress just stole the show for me!

a few of us snuck off to Garavans bar for a taste of Irish Coffee.
Garavans is tucked right in the middle of shop st and is where I learned how to be a Gin snob AND where to appreciate whiskey- they know their shiz.
yummy mummy, myself and The beauty kemple 

None of this would have been possible without the hard work of the Galway Now Team , everything was thought of and it made it an exciting day for everyone involved!

While the team finished up in the skeff I had to scoot off...for a nap because I was so pooped!

The Galway Food Festival kicked off today and I'm looking forward to hanging with all my ITWBN chums on Easter Sunday as we head for a Whiskey Talk and Taste in the Skeff, 

and I'm just going to leave you with my favorite snap of the day- 
Thank you Saibh for introducing me to the Queen of fashion Mary from The Treasure Chest


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