Monday, April 4, 2016

Tears, Tantrums and not a Tiara in sight

So throwing it back to our first PT cardio session last week that I "thought" was hell- 
Yeah no- it was a false sense of "this is the worst it will be".
I should have known considering Max was training with us that this couldn't be as bad as it gets!

I've never sweat as much in my life- and my poor hair is having an awful time for itself having to be washed almost every day- Hey there first world problems!
Max with an absolute sh*t eating grin. 
I'm blending into his hoodie- and this was taken a good ten minutes after we'd finished training.
No amount of filtering can save me now.

This week consisted of 22,000kg lunges, 2 fml PT sessions, a blast of HIIT and 18,000kg worth of bench, military press and curls. 
Last week I complained about my legs falling off, this week trying to straighten out my arms was a nightmare.

Easter Monday was hectic at work so I couldn't make it into the gym.
I got my HIIT done that morning but not my lunges.
smokin' after squats and sprawls.

Tuesday was fairly nuts- HIIT in the morning, Mondays lunges had to be done at lunch
Chuffed with myself.

Then it was PT time.

Starting of with sled pushes and then sprawls and pull ups. Then we moved on very swiftly to assisted pull ups- where it was 20 pull ups, then 18, 16 and so on.

On 18 pull ups I wasn't feeling so fly- 9 done-up for ten and boom- this overwhelming feeling came over me- kicked Max square in the chest, ran into the door and puked my guts up- without thinking about it I ran back out and finished the last 8 and then onto 72 more altogether.

I've converted my brain to that of a powerlifter- losing brain cells by the second and being much too stubborn to give up.

By Thursday I was crying because I was so sore and just wanted to eat everything.
and by Friday it was time for my weigh in- 2 weeks ago I gave my Easter Egg to Max to give to me after the competition.

It's not just any 'ol egg. 
It's a Reeses Pieces FILLED egg from Candyland Galway
If I wasn't down in weight I was inhaling this in one go and calling it a day.

Hard work pays off however and all that sweat and abuse, strict eating and pain resulted in me being down after 4 weeks of staying the same and the Egg lives on to see another day.


So I successfully had my first ever sober weekend out.

I've been so selfish and focused on myself and I've literally turned into a hermit- 
which is very strange to my social butterfly nature.

Friday started out as a work event at the launch of the amazing Caroline Downey's new company Carried Away PR&events and off I toddled to work in the radio but popped into An Pucan and Seven after work- and actually enjoyed my sober self til 3 bells!

Rocking it out with my sparkling water that full on had the placebo effect.

I was buzzing about the place, 

Same on Saturday night- although I didn't last as long- half 12!

I think I've been so strict with my diet lately that I completely forgot I can still actually talk to people and it was nice to actually do something with my weekend and not ruin myself!

Do not mistake me for never wanting to go out on the lash again- quite the opposite, but it was fun to know I don't actually need to drink to step outside the door of the house.

I know I'm having a right ol whinge here and you might be wondering why am I showing you sweaty god awful pictures? Telling you I projectile vommited? that I'm in so much pain it hurts to sleep? That I'm throwing tantrums and this isn't even a pageant!??

Is this not going to turn you off the gym you say?
I hope not.

Yes this is tough but after a rest day yesterday I actually feel the finest.
The pain and crying is temporary. 
(Well the cryings not, I love a good cry!)
This last 3 months has flown, and I'm into the final 4 weeks and everything's starting to take shape.

Off I toddle now for a strength test and I'm a little bit scared.
I keep forgetting that along with prepping for this shoot I also have The IDFPA Full Power powerlifting comp the following week.

So wish me luck this week as I launch into twice a day training sessions, while on my quest for abs and keeping my strength up for Full Power.
And trying to be a little bit bearable for my loved ones !!

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