Friday, April 29, 2016

The Lift like a girl Team

So while I've been training away busting my balls these guys have been there every step of the way to listen to me complain and tell me to shut up!!!


Have you always been a fan of the gym?

No, definitely not I used to always make up excuses for PE in school.

What made you decide to train to compete in trained figure class?

I started in maximum Results about 2 years ago and began doing P.T with Max. After a while I decided I needed to set a goal to keep myself motivated. First was baby step goals and then I got a bit braver and Max suggested I compete. After a long hard think about the commitment involved I decided to go for it.

How much prep goes into each competition?

It's a year round job, it's not something you can get ready for in a month or two you really have to be dedicated to commit to this all year.

Do you ever feel as if you're missing out?

I'm not going to lie and say I don't. Yes sometimes I do feel like I'm missing out but I don't dwell on it, I'm a very positive person and don't like to focus on stuff I "can't" do.
I have to be really strict coming up to competition but I still have nights out and holidays and I just make the effort to chose healthy options- which comes quite naturally to me now.
A night out every weekend was nothing I ever did anyways as I can't deal with hangovers!!

What's been your highlight?

Realizing how strong I am mentally and physically. And the feeling of being on stage knowing I got there all by myself (well obviously with Max's help!) but it's not something you can buy- I put in that work.

and the lowlight?

We all have low days, some days I'd be so tired and be lacking motivation and I'd have tears running down my face training but on those days Max knows exactly what to say to be and we have a bit of a giggle the next day about it!


You own Maximum Results- have you seen an increase in females in the gym over the years?

an increase no, but an increase in females wanting to lift weights and compete in strength sports in the gym, oh yes! 

Is it frustrating to see females shying away from weights in the gym?

Drives me nuts! Thankfully in general, but particularly in Maximum Results that's becoming less and less of a thing. When you have a few leaders like yourself and Ieva looking unreal, ideas start to change really quick about what lifting weights and getting strong does to your body

Girls, including myself before I started weight training with you, have a perspective on what lifting weights will do to them-make them manly and bulky and not lean and defined.
What kind of programs does Maximum Results offer beginner lifters?

Shane runs a wonderful AM  program- it's ideally aimed at girls coming from a bootcamp background, Laura runs Wonder Woman in the evenings which is hands down the most fun program in the gym.

And finally what are the benefits of females lifting?

Increased metabolism (you lose weight AND you can eat more!)
Nice booty, STRENGTH!!
Decreased risk of joint and bone injury- under a competent coach.
Looking more toned and lean in general.PLUS it's fun and frankly a shit load easier than hours of bloody cardio!!!!


What is Natropathy?

Naturopathy is a system of health care that promotes the bodies natural self healing capabilities. A Naturopath will look for the root cause of any imbalance and uses different approaches like diet and nutrition, lifestyle (excercise, work-life balance) , herbal medicine, homeopathy, bach flower remedies etc to help bring the body back into balance. The whole person is treated- mind, body and spirit. It's all connected. Hippocrates (the father of medicine) said
 "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" 
What we put in our bodies can be the best medicine or a slow killing poison. Herbal Medicine is treating the body on a physiological need. Almost 70% of pharmaceutical drugs are derived from plats. Aspirin is made from saliclic acid of the willow tree. Plants have chemical constitutions which work to bring the body to a place of health without the side effects from synthetic chemicals.

What made you decide to become a natropath and herbalist?

I've had a huge interest in natural medicine ever since I was child. When I was 13 I was put on a range of medication for depression which unfortunately had severe adverse effects on me. After a few years I went down the natural medicine route using homeopathy and herbal medicine. It saved my life. I knew then that I had to become a Naturopath and help people overcome illness on a physical and emotional level. It brings me great joy to help people.

You've helped both myself and Ieva through all tough training- balancing hormones, helping with digestion problems we had BEFORE we began this plus sorting out my skin and just there for a general chit chat when needed. I'd personally recommend everyone to come see you but who, in your opinion, could benefit from your help?

Herbal medicine can treat a whole range of conditions from I.B.S, chronic fatigue, fertility issues, acne, eczema, anxiety, insomnia, basically anything. It's a matter of finding the root cause for the individual and working with them. Every person is different. 2 people may have the same condition but need 2 different treatment methods. It depends on their specific interal enviroment. I love working with all types of people and conditions. Working together, to make a plan for what suits them best.

Who would your most common type of client be?

My most common client would be people dealing with fatigue, I.B.S, gynaecology/fertility issues and stress. I work with people in their 20s and some in their 50s/60s. I love how naturopathy and herbal medicine can help all walks of life.

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