Saturday, January 9, 2016

Lift like a girl- Week 5

Nothing could have prepared me for this week.


and even then....

So my first day back I was pretty chuffed with life, I only went down 2.5kg after the xmas break on my deadlift, and after testing I had to deadlift 75% -90kg- for 42 reps.

What spurred me on the most was listening to Max give a very painful HIIT class next door.
I've really become a power lifting douchebag thanks! :)

Day 2 
a) I slept in 

Very disorientated rocking in only an hour late at 930.
I had to test bench, soft enough, in and out....


Hello Bulgarian! 
It basically means I'm maxing out every day, tested deadlift again- 120kg.. so off one block I had to lift that 21 times. 
I failed. sort of. I lifted it 15 times and did the last 6 off 110kg

 I'd been repeatedly told Bulgarian would make me it's bitch but I really wasn't expecting the actual despair my life felt like it was going thru.

The next day I was down 5kg :( 
(this was actually Thursday not Wednesday!)

But bench was still 42.5kg

I really enjoy Bench, and for no other reason than I get to lie down!!!!

Friday was the most painful experience of my life.

Deadlift, Good Mornings, Bench and reverse curl.

Good Mornings help with your hamstring and lower back, 
you pick up the bar as you would for a squat and lean forward shooting your hips back.....I'd say that's the worst explanation ever but I'll take pictures next week, I was close to death yesterday so forgot.

I literally could feel my ass getting bigger yesterday from deadlifting, and I was in SO much pain- so I knew I was doing something right!!!

All in all it was a tough first week back, and it's not going to get any easier but I already feel like I'm slimmer after xmas so yaaaaaay!!

I called up to Sean Mc Cormacks studio yesterday to get some more progress pics taken. I hate doing it...there's no hiding from Sean......but I can definitely notice some difference!

 Don't let the selfie fool you, I'm Queen of angles and filters!

Now to stay out of trouble for the weekend and filming some lols in the gym Monday!

That should be fun!

Toodlepips til then mofos!

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