Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Lift like a girl- week 3&4

Hellooooooooooooooo final block pull week!! 
(Here's my last lift in week 2, fyi anyone looking for a spray tan to withstand a sweaty training session- Crazy Angel is your man! above was sprayed an hour before this)

So I was really looking forward to my last week of block pulls, not because I wasn't enjoying them- I absolutely loved the pain in my ass, the burning sensation of walking, the sports massage, the tape that seemed to be holding me together- but because I still wasn't so sure how much they were actually going to bring me along

Week 3 was done off just one block, I'd go in every day, struggle with the mathematics of what was going on my bar,lift 4-3-2-1 and toddle on home. Well sort of, 4 days a week I was also doing bench and 2 days power cleans.....keep me out of trouble.

Christmas week. The 22nd of December was my testing day. I was dreading it, smack in the middle of xmas party season I literally felt as weak as a kitten. No avoiding it no matter how hard I tried. I took an age doing my stretches, I intently asked everyone what their holiday plans were- I even sent Laurence on his hollibops with my snapchatting magic.

and then Max said "So Miss Fox if you don't lift at least 120 today you can walk out that door and never come back" .
Not as sly the Fox I thought I was. But then stubborn Fox took over. How dare he think I can't do this. 


122.5kg deadlift! That's up 7.5kg in 3 weeks!!! and just to spite you Max its 2.5kg more than you asked for!! :) I joke, thank you for everything! 

one of the things I enjoy most about Maximum Results is their ability to treat their clients individually and in a way that works. e.g I need to be challenged and verbally abused "I thought you could do better than that...." "No way are you able for that Princess..." "so and so did that with ease, looking a little tough for you there" I take the bait every time. Where as I know from being in class that some people need a more gentle approach "Nearly there" "you got this" "well done" 
But most importantly they have the banter!! 

Odd socks for life

I enjoyed Xmas and New Years so much but I was, dare I say it, excited to get back to the gym. A little "squidgy' and totally fearful that I'd be starting from scratch again! 
Managed 120kg deadlift and then did 42 reps at 75% - 90kg (Max worked that out for me! one of my resolutions is to actually get a little better at Maths,,,I'm desperate!)

Last year was the best year of my life so far. I took a look at all the resolutions I made for 2015 yesterday and I pretty much demolished them all....unknown to myself....and more!!

I've so much planned for 2016, a big fingers crossed and hopefully all my wonderful chums and fam will stick by me again! 
And to start it off I'm really looking forward to the Single lifts at the end of the month, I am however DREADING the thoughts of putting on a singlet...... 

Reading back on all this I sound so shallow....I did say I was going to be honest....and these are all my feels at the minute! :) 

First World Problems!!!

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