Monday, January 18, 2016

Lift Like a girl- Week 6

This week started out great, We kicked it off with a little explanation video with the lovely Jerry.
Which you can watch right here

And then it all went downhill and I turned into the worlds greatest blubbering baby on Tuesday.

Maxing out everyday has really taken its toll on my ass and hamstrings.
I'm not injured pain, it's just "pain" pain.
As a wise bald headed man once said

"Pain, even if it is good pain, still fucking hurts"

-Maximilian Lauth 1946

I've realized I am one angry toddler when I'm feeling sorry for myself.
Threatening to burn down gyms and snapping at fellow Power Lifters for taking my weights, when there's speculation that they in fact may not have. 

I had a bit of a mind flip with my bench this week too. Doing something called a paddle press

Image result for paddle press bench
That's just a blurry picture of myself and Max.

It's a real case of everything I learned going out the window. 

HOWEVER I did manage to max at 45kg so yay!!!
I'm pretty chuffed with that. 

It's been mentally a tough week, and I know this week isn't going to be much better.
In fact probably worse.

But it's all coming together slightly.
I'm feeling slimmer. I'm lifting heavier.
I've got no pants left that I haven't burst out of- I'm a bit yay and nay on that point.
Yay to booty gains, and actually yay all round as now I have an excuse to only wear yoga pants!

So basically I'm gonna suck it up so I don't have to suck it in

That's it for now, if you want to listen to me being a whinge bag all week then feel free to follow me on snapchat at foxylaura1 


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