Sunday, January 24, 2016

Lift like a girl- Week 7

So week 7 is in the bag and we're into the Grand Finale!

We kicked off the week hitting a new PB (personal best) of 125kg in my deadlift.

And then just to make things even better again I hit a new PB on my Bench.
I went from 42kg to 47.5kg!

At the start of the week I caught up with my ol buddy me ol pal Daragh from the Sunday World.
Anyone who knows me knows that I had the best year being Miss Sunday World.
And I like to pretend I still am by annoying Daragh on the regular.

              (All my lovely PIA dresses)

I was chatting about the IDFPA Single Lifts coming up this weekend and he was shocked!
Powerlifting is so clearly alien to everybody, including myself until very recently.
So with a days notice he thought it would make a great feature.

It was the weirdest thing ever to take photos in the gym!!! Plus I'm 25 in case anyone thinks I'm 27 (hanging on for dear life)

I feel like a fraud any time I model. I love it but it doesn't feel real and I get super critical of myself, which is why I didn't look at these pictures until today when they were printed!!

This isn't the first time Maximum Results has been printed in the SW
 And they actually got the double whammy today with another client Roisin Nolan making a full spread in the paper looking awesome!!!!!

It was great to get a chance to explain what powerlifting is. And I would encourage anybody looking to start or looking to mix up their workouts to get in touch with me for first hand advice!
And Max in Maximum Results for actual information!
He's not that terrifying!

Last week of preparing for my first competition this weekend.

But definitely not my last week of powerlifting!
I'm hooked now
However next month I'm setting Max the serious task of getting me some real life abs.

Excited? yes.
In Pain? yes.
Shitting it? 100% yes.

But I'm also very excited about the full weekend in Gorey with the Maximum Results crew!
and especially about the 3 and a half hour car ride which I've luckily got to chose the playlist for!
Flashback Friday will be in full swing!

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